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The Porter School for the Environment and Earth Sciences


Geophysics (0341)

The department offers courses emphasizing various physical phenomena and the mathematical models describing them. These include courses in seismology, gravity and magnetics, applied geology, tectonics, hydrology, climate, cloud and precipitation physics, aerosol science, atmospheric radiation, atmospheric dynamics, physics and chemistry of planetary atmospheres, magnetosphere physics, physics of comets and planets, and various courses in space physics.


Admission Requirements

The M.Sc. program accepts applications from those holding a B.Sc. in atmospheric sciences, earth sciences, applied mathematics, physics or related fields with a minimum grade of 80.


In certain cases, the admission committee may require that the applicants will take supplementary courses.


Geography and the Human Environment (0349)

Graduate studies offer advanced specialization studies with both theoretical and practical aspects, focusing on the integration of the physical, human, and social aspects of the environment. Students are prepared for research or work in relevant fields, while benefiting from the multi-disciplinary nature of Geography studies. The department offers the opportunity to specialize in a number of sub-fields in Geography which are at the forefront of international research, including: Environment, Society and Planning (including Transport planning); the Physical Environment (climate and water); and Geo-Informatics. Students may combine any of these sub-fields in their studies and research. Candidates may apply to the Environment, Society and Planning or Geo-Informatics programs, which will be recognized in the degree's diploma.

The department offers both a research track with a thesis requirement, and a theoretical track with a final exam requirement (32 hours in total in both tracks).



Admission is open to students who have completed an undergraduate degree in a recognized institution with a minimum final grade average of 85 as well as a minimum grade of 85 in all seminars. Candidates who have completed an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than geography will be required to successfully complete a cluster of supplementary courses, which will depend on the specific program they apply to.

For more details please visit the department's Hebrew website or contact the Department's students' secretary

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Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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