Neuroscience - Undergraduate Programs

Sagol School of Neuroscience

The B.Sc. programs in Neuroscience

The Sagol School of Neuroscience now offers two B.Sc. programs in Neuroscience that are based on the existing B.Sc. program and its further development in other directions, such as bioengineering, medicine and computational fields.


B.Sc. In Biology and in Psychology with an emphasis on Neuroscience (1514)

The B.Sc. program offers in-depth courses on the fundamentals of modern molecular and cellular neurobiology, as well as on the structure and operation of the nervous system, cognitive and behavioral aspects, and the mechanisms of neurological and psychiatric diseases and possible treatment directions. In their second year of study, bachelor’s students are already enrolling in neuroscience projects, which involve active participation in projects and experiments in diverse fields ranging from molecular neuroscience to functional MRI in human and translational neuroscience.


B.Sc. in Biology and in Linguistics with an emphasis on Neuroscience (1564)

The combined program in Biology and Linguistics with emphasis on brain sciences is a new, special B.Sc. track for excellent students interested in the domain of neurobiology of language including neurolinguistics (the investigation of the neural basis of the human language faculty) and the genetics of language.


The program offers courses in neurobiology, neuroanatomy, the structure and function of the nervous system, genetics and evolution, as well as in-depth courses in the various subfields of theoretical linguistics, e.g., syntax, phonology and semantics. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge in biology, brain science, and theoretical linguistics as a first step towards an academic career or in order to get integrated into research and development of artificial intelligence, treatment programs of language disorders, and juxtaposed domains.


Program in Psychology and in Computer Science, Emphasizing Brain Sciences (1513)

This double major program in Psychology and Computer Science is open to academically outstanding students who are interested in the computational and behavioral-cognitive aspects of Brain Sciences. The program includes designated course in Brain Sciences. 


The program goal is to grant students basic knowledge of how the brain processes information on the cognitive and behavioral levels. Studies incorporate mathematical and computational tools from the field of Computer Science to model these processes. This field of research is currently at the forefront of brain research.


Double Major in Bio-Medical Engineering and Biology emphasizing Brain Sciences

The program is geared to outstanding candidates who are interested in Life Sciences and Brain Study with a talent for the Exact Sciences (Mathematics, Physics and  Computers), Engineering and technology.


The goal of the program is to train students in engineering, biology and brain sciences and to understand how the brain works and processes information employing mathematical and engineering tools.


Program graduates will be able to register for MA or PhD research programs in the Sagol School of Neuroscience, Engineering or Biology, contingent on the criteria in each track. This four-year program is based on the undergraduate programs in Engineering, Biomedicine, and Biology. The overlapping of studies in these two fields allows students to complete the BA degree in each of these fields.


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