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Hebrew Placement Examination

See details in General Information and Entrance Examinations of this booklet. Examination results are graded as Fail, level Aleph, level Bet, level Gimel and exempt.


Any candidate who has not written the exam, or who has not achieved a minimum of "Level Gimel" (a score of 105 points at least) will not be admitted to the University even if all other University and departmental requirements have been fulfilled. Any student who does not receive an "exempt" on the placement exam must complete the requirement of reaching “Exempt” level till the end of the second semester of studies at the University.


Values for the Hebrew levels:

Fail                          - grades 1-58

Level "Aleph"          - grades 59-83

Level "Bet"              - grades 84-104

Level "Gimel"          - grades 105-131

Ptor (exemption)      - grade 132+

For examination dates and registration information see the Entrance Examinations chapter.


Exemption from the Exam

Candidates may be exempted from the Hebrew Placement Exam if they can provide documentation certifying:

  1. Israeli Matriculation – "Bagrut" from schools where the language of final examinations is Hebrew.
  2. The Psychometric Entrance Exam taken in the Hebrew language with a minimum score of 450 points.
  3. A degree from an Israeli university, or a recognized college in Israel.
  4. Completion of three years of study in an Israeli school of nursing.
  5. Ten consecutive years of study in Israeli schools where language of instruction was Hebrew (upon submission of a completion of tenth grade).

Courses during the academic year

The university doesn’t offer Hebrew courses, as part of the compulsory studies towards a degree. It is the student’s decision where he prefers to study Hebrew.


One of the options is courses given by “The Center of Hebrew Studies” (Registered society), to which the university has given permission to teach in its premises. Tuition fees for the courses have to be paid directly by the student to the Center. (The cost of the courses will be published in the tuition fee booklet in the TAU website).


Different “Ulpanim” also offer Hebrew courses.


Intensive Summer Course

The Center of Hebrew Studies (Registered Society) offers an intensive summer course (during August and September) in all levels. Students have to pay for this course. (Cost of the course will be published in May)


Registration for the summer course will start in June and will be held in the University office of the “Center of Hebrew Studies” (Registered Society).


The University does not oblige students to participate in this course. The course is designed for candidates and students that haven’t reached “level Aleph” in the “Yael Test”, or for those who need to study towards “exemption” before the beginning of the academic year.


The office of the "Center of Hebrew Studies" (Registered Society)

Tel Aviv University, 30 Chaim Levanon St. Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, Room 140.

Tel: 03-6408947

Reception: Sunday-Thursday, 08:30-13:00



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