Requirements of Hebrew Knowledge

Knowledge of Hebrew

Applicants who take the psychometric exam in a language other than Hebrew and do not have an Israeli matriculation (except for those who are exempt in accordance to the list in the Hebrew website), or have an Israeli matriculation where the language of final examinations is not Hebrew, must take the Hebrew Language Proficiency Exam and prove satisfactory knowledge of Hebrew on an academic level before the beginning of the academic year. For those who take the psychometric exam in Israel, the Hebrew Proficiency Exam immediately follows and no separate registration is required.  In this case, there is no fee for the Hebrew exam.  It is advisable to take this exam after studying in an Ulpan in Israel.


For those who do not need to take the psychometric exam, those who take it abroad, or those who failed the Hebrew exam previously, The Hebrew Exam will also be given separately on September 2-3, December 27,29,  2019 in Israel. A fee is required, except from those candidates who take the psychometric exam abroad.


Applicants submitting SAT/ACT scores instead of the psychometric exam and applicants for graduate studies will take the Hebrew Proficiency Examination (See examination schedule and explanation in the Entrance Examinations section). This applies to all applicants to Undergraduate Studies.

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