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The following are selected summaries taken from the Hebrew Admissions Website. For complete and binding information, see the Hebrew website.


Studies leading to the M.D. degree (0111)

Completion time for the program is seven years, as follows:

  • Pre-clinical studies – three years.
  • Clinical studies – three years.
  • Internship – one year.


Registration and Admission for the First Year

Registration ends on April 30, 2024. Candidates must apply to Medicine as their first choice only, or as a second choice if the first choice is Medicine for Holders of a BA (Please pay attention: registration dates for these programs are not the same).


To view timetable for submitting application documents please see Hebrew website.



Israeli Citizens, with a minimum score of 700 on the Psychometric Entrance Examinations. They must take the Psychometric Examination by April 2024.


This includes foreign citizens with the status of Residents. 


SAT/ACT scores will not be accepted for M.D School of Medicine as a substitute to the Psychometric Entrance exam.


English Language Requirements

Candidates should achieve an Advanced 2 Level grade of at least 120 in the English Placement Examination within the framework of the Psychometric Examination, or at least 120 in the Amir Exam. Students must reach an exempt level before the beginning of the second year. The last Amir Exam permitted is on March/April 2024. The writing section of the SAT score can be taken into consideration in order to determine English level if the score is 377 and above.


Hebrew Language Requirements

Students who hold certificates from abroad must reach "Level Guimel" (a score of at least 105 points in "Yael" exam) The last Yael exam permitted is on March/April 2024.


Non-Cognitive Evaluation Tests for Medical School

Applicants with a highest scores undergo a qualifying procedure in an evaluation center, Mor/Mirkam exam. There will be a charge for the Mor/Mirkam evaluations.



For further binding information concerning the non-cognitive tests, please see the Hebrew website.


Some candidates may be required to undergo an additional test or interview.


There is no registration for advanced years.


Matriculation Grade Equivalencies

Candidates with qualifications from abroad are permitted to substitute their matriculation grades as follows:


Academic Education from Recognized Institutions Abroad: Candidates, who have studied in a recognized institution abroad and have completed a minimum of 40 semester credits with a minimum grade of 80 or a full degree with a minimum grade of 80. The grade point average for partial or full academic (BA) education from abroad is calculated as follows: 50% from the Psychometric examination and 50% from the grade point average of the institution from abroad.


Candidates holding a high school diploma from abroad who took the preparatory program (Mechina) in the Exact Sciences track or Life Sciences track with an average grade of 90. The Mechina programs of Bar-Ilan University, Hebrew University and Technion are accepted. The Mechina certificate and grades must be submitted by April 30, 2024. Mechina students of current academic year 2023/24 are not eligible to apply to Medicine and Dental Medicine for the academic year 2024/25. Such students may apply at the earliest for the academic year 2025/26.


Candidates must prove knowledge of  Mathematics at the level of at least 4 units:

  • The Israeli matriculation examination minimum level of 4 units .
  • Recognized preparatory program (Mechina) examinations at a minimum level of 4 units.
  • University course in Mathematics.


General requirements for registration

  • Matriculation grades and transcripts of under-graduate degree studies (official only).
  • Photocopy of Identity Card or Passport page stating personal details (birth date, etc.) or a photocopy of Birth Certificate (must be uploaded after the registration: ).
  • “Declaration of Health” and “Personal Declaration” form No.14 A and B (see the Hebrew website) signed by the applicant.
  • All male students are required to produce an official document from the police certifying that they have no record of sexual assaults.
  • All students will be required to be vaccinated according to the Israeli Department of Health Regulations. This requirement is mandatory for passing to the second year.



B.Sc. Combined Program in Life and Medical Sciences (0104)

A Joint undergraduate program toward a B.Sc. degree in Life and Medical Sciences. The objective of the program is to provide graduates with comprehensive knowledge of the basic mechanisms of Biology with particular emphasis on a medical perspective. The program combines studies in the faculties of Medicine and Life Sciences and will enable the eligibility of the graduates to continue in either of the faculties for advanced degree training without the need for additional pre-requisite studies. The graduates of this combined program are to be the researchers and professionals of the future in the fields of biomedical research in the universities, research institutes, hospitals, and the biomedical industry.


The program, which is unique to Tel Aviv University, is limited to 80 students, who benefit from individual counseling and guidance for building personalized course and program itineraries.


Candidates may not list this program as a second choice.


The MD Graduate Program (0102)

The Program is applicable to candidates who hold a B.A or B.Sc. degree.


Completion time for this program is five years, as follows:

  • Pre-clinical studies – two years
  • Clinical studies – two years
  • Practical work – twelve months (including one month vacation)


Registration ends on March 26, 2024.


All candidates, including those studying at Tel Aviv University in a different program (including core courses in Biology), must apply to the MD graduate program (0102).


Complete and detailed information can be found in the Hebrew Information website which is the legally binding version.



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