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The Buchmann Faculty of Law is the leading law school in Israel and is part of Israel’s largest university and the world’s largest Jewish university. Rich and varied study programs on both the undergraduate and graduate levels combine a broad, value-laden education with practical training. Hundreds of students pursue interdisciplinary programs combining law and economics, accountancy, management and humanities. The Faculty takes special pride in its extensive Clinical Program, which provides legal aid to community members and public organizations, while also training students in practical legal work. The language of studies in the law school is predominantly Hebrew.


In addition to the seven-semester program leading to the first degree in Law (LL.B.), the school offers several graduate programs, including a program in English. For information on these programs see the information on graduate studies in a separate section.


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Candidates may submit an application for admission if they fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • Hold a matriculation certificate, equivalent to that of an Israeli high school, with a minimum grade average of 85.
  • Hold a B.A. degree from an accredited university with a minimum grade average of 80.
  • Hold a Ph.D. degree from an accredited university.
  • Have completed the one-year Preparatory Program (Mechina) for Israelis at an Israeli University with a minimum grade average of 85.
  • Have completed the one-year Preparatory Program for Olim (Mechina) at an Israeli University with a minimum grade average of 85.


In addition, all candidates (with the exception of those holding a Ph.D. degree), are obliged to take the Psychometric Entrance Examination by March/April 2017 and achieve a minimum score of 600 (or by July 2017 in Spanish).


Candidates should achieve an "Advanced 2" Level grade of at least 120 in the English Placement Examination within the framework of the Psychometric Examination.  An exemption from English studies that was not granted within the framework of the Psychometric Exam or ”Amir” is not considered a "pass" grade (see General Admission Requirements in the beginning of this booklet). An exception to this are candidates who demonstrate that they studied for at least two years at the high school level (grades 11 and 12) in English-speaking schools or at a university where the language of instruction was English located in an English speaking country.


The last date to submit all documents concerning previous education is April 30, 2017, except for Mechina grades, which may be submitted until July 31, 2017


The Faculty will admit candidates with the highest scores in each of the categories mentioned above, according to quotas determined by the Faculty's Admissions Committee.


The standard of the student's achievement is determined by combining the results of the psychometric exam with the grade average of the matriculation certificate, the preparatory program (Mechina), or the grade in previous university degrees.


Special admission tracks exist, including affirmative action programs, admissions for leading high-school students, and students of Ethiopian origin. For details on these programs, see the Hebrew version of the admissions criteria.


For more information you can visit the Hebrew website of The Buchmann Faculty of Law.


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