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English as a Foreign Language – Placement Test

Every student must take a placement test to determine his or her level of English. The test can be taken either as part of the Psychometric Examination, or separately (AMIR, AMIRAM).  English levels should be calculated accordingly.


The Placement Tests classify students into 5 levels:

  1. Pre-Basic: grades 56–84
  2. Basic: grades 85–94
  3. Basic 2: grades 95-99
  4. Advanced 1: grades 100-119
  5. Advanced 2: grades 120–133
  6. Exempt: grade 134+



The Division offers courses in basic, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 level English. Pre-Basic courses are offered during the summer, depending on the demand. The courses are geared toward improving English reading and comprehension skills of candidates and students, to enable them to successfully complete University language requirements.


The final date for fulfilling these requirements is determined by the individual faculties (as appears in their separate catalogues). This regulation does not apply to new immigrants from non-English speaking countries. These students are offered a pre-basic course during their first year, if they have not reached the minimum level ordinarily required for admission. These students are required to reach the Advanced 1 level by the beginning of their second year of studies, and complete all English requirements by the beginning of their third year.


Course Schedule

The English courses offered during the academic year are semester courses, scheduled according to the University calendar. Courses are also offered during two summer sessions. Registration dates for both sessions will be announced towards the summer. Course dates will be announced at a later date. Places are limited.



There is a fee (in addition to tuition) for all Pre-Basic, Basic and Advanced 1 level courses. There is no fee for Advanced 2 level courses, provided the student has paid full tuition for the semester. There is a fee for all summer courses.


Additional Courses

  • Academic and professional writing for doctoral students


Exemption from English as a Foreign Language

Students complying with the following criteria are exempt from studying English as a foreign language:

  • Candidates holding an academic degree from an accredited Israeli university (for details see the Hebrew website).
  • Candidates who studied for at least two years at the high school level (grades 11 and 12) in an English-speaking school and graduated.
  • Candidates who graduated from the university where the language of instruction is English, and which is located in an English speaking country.
  • Candidates who studied in non-English speaking countries, but the language of instruction was entirely English may be exempted from English upon providing an official document from the University registrar.


Please note: A degree from a college in Israel affiliated with a foreign university does not grant students exemption from Tel Aviv University English requirements. Please see the section entitled "Placement Test."


Additional Languages

The Division offers courses in several foreign languages, aimed at providing students with an academic tool for study, research, and communication.


Courses are available in the following languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Yiddish. These full-year courses are offered on three levels:

  • Beginners – four class hours/week for the entire academic year
  • Advanced – four class hours/week for the entire academic year
  • Post-exemption level – between two and four hours/week for the entire academic year.


The Division also offers intensive one-year courses in French, German, and Spanish for students enrolled in a post-graduate program. Classes meet for six hours every week. The courses are intended for students whose department or faculty requires a second foreign language for use as a scientific tool.


Exemption Exams

Exemption exams in the foreign languages taught by the Division are offered twice a year, in the week before the beginning of the first semester and in the week following the end of the first semester. For further information and sample exams, please visit our internet site or contact us.

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