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This page is up to date 28.11.2021

The B.A. program of the School of Education (0723) provides students with concepts and a broad and interdisciplinary background in the educational sciences. It exposes students to the role of education in a multi-cultural and global society; variety of formal and informal educational settings;  classic and emerging models in education;  trends in leadership and entrepreneurship in education;  knowledge about human development and interpersonal differences in cognitive, emotional, social and normal and abnormal behavior; scientific thinking and research skills; contemporary information technologies and changes in teaching and learning processes.



B.A. level studies do not provide professional training, nor do they qualify students for a Teaching Certificate or other professional diplomas.


The BA in Education is a double-major program. Students who wish to pursue their studies in one of the MA Education programs and work at schools need a Teaching Certificate. Therefore, students are advised to choose as a second major a subject which is taught in secondary schools.



The program in Education includes two primary clusters, of which applicants have to choose oneAll courses are taught in Hebrew.


The two clusters are:


Development and learning processes

This cluster aims to deepen the knowledge about key aspects of human development processes and models for normal development. This cluster will enable exposure to specific programs in the education system for children with and without special needs.

In addition, students will learn models of educational systems and consulting processes and acquire basic knowledge of educational-therapeutic interventions with populations with and without disabilities. This cluster will include a sub-cluster, which will deal with education of children with hearing impairment.


Innovation and society  

This cluster will deepen various aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation in education with a focus on both theory and practice at the global, national and local level. The cluster will focus on formal and informal education system, including youth groups, NGOs and business organizations dealing with education while addressing to broad educational issues including social inequality and the implementation of innovative technologies in teaching and learning.  



Applicants who are undecided regarding which cluster to choose can opt for Education. The choice of the primary cluster will be made at the end of the  first academic year. 


For more information, please visit the Hebrew website of the School of Education.


The candidate should specify the clusters of choice in his/her application form.


Additional Requirements 

Candidates are required to take the psychometric entrance examination and achieve a minimum grade 540, and have a combined grade of 580 (which is the grade between high school matriculation exam and the psychometric exam).

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