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Up to date 18.1.2017


Fields of specialization for the MA degree and diploma studies

The two-year MA program aims to enhance the student’s knowledge in his chosen field, and to teach students scientific research methods.

Most MA programs offer both a 28-hour research track with a thesis requirement and a 32-hour theoretical (final exam) track. Students select their preferred track on admission. To register, candidates must submit the relevant documents regarding their education, together with form 22b entitled Special Form for MA Candidates at the Faculty of the Humanities  to the Registration and Admissions Center.


The department Teaching Committees may require MA applicants with an undergraduate degree from a different field to successfully complete a cluster of supplementary courses.


MA studies are offered within the framework of the various Faculty Departments and Schools, in the following areas:

  • Arabic and Islamic Studies—Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures—Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures  
  • Ancient Israel Studies
  • Classics—Department of Classics—Greece and Rome
  • The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
  • Child and Youth Culture Research  
  • Cognitive Studieas of Language use
  • Culture Research     
  • Hebrew Language & Semitic Linguistics, Bibllical Studies,  Jewish Philosophy and Talmud.
  • East Asian Studies—Department of East Asian Studies
  • English (Literature)—Department of English and American Studies
  • French Culture Program for French Culture Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Geography and the Human Environment—Department of Geography and the Human Environment
  • History [Classical History, The Middle Ages, Early Modern History (15th – 18th century), Europe in the Modern Period, Military and Diplomatic History, History of the Americas]—Department of History
  • History of the Middle East—Department of Middle Eastern and African History
  • History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas—Cohn Institute of History and Philosophy of Sciences and Ideas
  • Jewish History—Department of Jewish History
  • Linguistics—Department of Linguistics
  • Literature—Literary Theory, Hebrew Literature, General Literature
  • Philosophy—Department of Philosophy
  • Religious Studies—School of Philosophy
  • Editing Studies Program (diploma studies)—Department of Hebrew Culture Studies
  • Translation and Revision (diploma studies)—The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies

Please note that The Department of Geography and the Human Environment is now based at the new School of Geosciences in the Faculty of Exact Sciences.

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