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Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences

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Applicants for the academic year 2019/20 must take the Psychometric Entrance Exam no later than April 2019 .


The Eitan Berglas School of Economics (dm/sm) (1011)

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The School's program is designed to introduce students to concepts and methods of economic analysis, to broaden understanding of economic phenomena and institutions, and to develop the ability to tackle economic problems. The School offers a variety of electives in such areas as macroeconomics, industrial organization, public economics, international economics, labor economics, and financial economics.


Sociology and Anthropology (dm/sm) (1041)

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The program of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University is the leading department in the study of a broad range of sociological and anthropological research in the field of social stratification, gender, organizations, political sociology and anthropology, ethnicity and immigration, and research methods and theory. The Department is dedicated to educating the next generation into the disciplines of Sociology and Anthropology by providing a deep and systematic understanding of the social, cultural and political challenges in contemporary society. We aim to broaden the student's intellectual horizons by enhancing awareness of the variety and richness of social and cultural life and encouraging active engagement and participation in civic life. For that purpose, the Department has pioneered courses that merge academic teaching and social involvement based on carefully designed internships in organizations working on a wide variety of social projects across the country. 


Digital Society Studies

A New BA Track in Sociology, Anthropology and Communication

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Whether it is television screens and computers at home or smartphones and laptops in public spaces, it is virtually impossible to ignore the presence of digital technologies in our lives. The study track is designed for students who want to explore the zillion ways in which digital technologies and media are shaping our social life and more broadly, our culture and society. The track provides hands-on tools, applied workshops and cutting-edge theoretical knowledge that prepare students for positions that require digital skills (in marketing, data mining, big data analysis, digital design, etc.) combined with cultural and social literacy of complex social environments. The track offers internship in relevant workplaces.  


The School of Political Science, Government, and International Affairs (dm/sm) (1031)

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The central objective of the program of the School of Political Science, Government, and International Affairs is to acquaint the student with key concepts, models, and research methods pertaining to political behavior and to the dynamic patterns of political life. The program offers a wide range of courses in international relations and strategic studies, public administration, comparative politics, political philosophy, and political communication.


Labor Studies (1051)

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In our BA program, students acquire an all-around perspective on the world of work, including legal, historical, sociological, psychological, managerial and organizational perspectives. We offer a variety of courses on these topics, for instance, courses dealing with human resource management, labor and political discourse, labor market processes, organizational consulting, labor law, the history of labor, and more 



Leadership and Human Resources

 A New BA Track in Sociology, Anthropology and Labor Studies

The information on this program is up to date 08.01.2019


‪Next year, bachelor's degree students in Labor Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, will be offered a new track of study to choose from: “Leadership and Human Resources”.

This original initiative is designed for students who are interested in Israeli society and desire to be part of its leadership at the community, municipality and the national level.  The study track was specifically designed to prepare students for leadership and management positions in the social-public sector, emphasizing the themes of Leadership, Human Resources, Communications and Public Policy, including practicum in relevant workplaces.


Psychology (dm first year, optional sm from the 2nd year) (1071)

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The objective of the program of the School of Psychological Sciences is to provide the students with basic methodological and conceptual knowledge of the major sub-fields of psychology - clinical, social, developmental, personality, cognitive, and physiological psychology. Admission is based solely on matriculation examination grades (or equivalent), and psychometric examination scores.


Communication (dm) (1085)

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The goal of the program is to provide students with the knowledge and analytical tools to understand the role of communications in various dimensions of our life today. This includes among others the social, psychological, cultural, linguistic, legal, economic, and political aspects. Students develop a critical and analytical view toward the way digital and traditional media are organized and operate in our society and their effects on people and institutions. The program emphasizes global trends and issues as well as problems of communication in Israel.






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