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The David Azrieli School of Architecture M.A (0881)

This program is up to date 14.1.21.



The MA program in architecture strives to serve as a source of knowledge for architects  and other researchers who wish to broaden and enrich their knowledge in different areas of architecture and urban design.


The strength of the program is the diverse fields and methods of research in the School of Architecture- together with a setting within a large university with a wide and diverse teaching faculty and research areas. In this way the program is able to integrate between architecture and different sciences and expand the architectural knowledge at large.


Course overview

The MA program offers two optional tracks:

  • MA with thesis (this program requires submitting a Research Thesis)
  • MA without thesis  (this program includes final examinations)


Semester/Yearly hours required

  • The overall length of all programs is 2 years.
  • The  Research Thesis program  requires 30 semester hours courses in addition to the research Thesis.
  • The program final examination requires 36 semester hours and a final exam.


Registration requirements:

  • BArch from a accredited academic institution.
  • A professional M.Arch in Architecture from a 2+3 program or 2+4 program (3\4yr BA +2yr M.Arch) in architecture from an accredited  academic institute in Israel or abroad, with an average grade of at least 80. 
  • Acceptance to the program is according to the admission committee decision.
  • B.A or BS.c in Architecture or other disciplines, from  an accredited  academic institute in Israel or abroad, with an average grade of at least 85. These candidates will submit a document with declaration of intent for MA studies, and a detailed CV.  If accepted, they will be required to complete up to 16 units from the school's undergraduate program, with average grade of at least 85.


Theatre Arts (0811) 

‚ÄčThis program is up to date 12.01.21.


Theatre Directing 

This program offers advanced courses in the art of theatre directing. Students who successfully fill in the program’s requirements direct a full theatre production at TAU Theatre as their final project. Head of the program: Prof. Ofira Henig


Community Theatre 

This program offers advanced courses in the field of community-based theatre and “artivism.” As part of their studies student fill in leading roles in communal theatre projects. Head of the program: Dr. Chen Alon


Theatre Studies 

In this program students will develop research skills for a professional future in theatre research (including PhD studies in theatre), dramaturgy, and theatre pedagogy. Courses and research in this program deal with a variety of subjects, including Israeli theatre and performance, theatre historiography, world theatre, intercultural theatre, critical theory, performance theory, theatre in socio-political contexts, theatre and gender, theatre and visual culture, and more.



This unique graduate program is intended for students who wish to develop an independent final project that combines artistic practice with academic research in the field of theatre and performance. This program encourages students to search and create experimentally within the broad field of theatre. Head of the Program: Dr. Daphna Ben-Shaul


For general information please visit our website


Art History (0821)

This program is up to date 12.01.21


The graduate program offers a course-based and research degree aimed at providing students with the expertise required for academic work, curatorship and museology, teaching, art journalism and doctoral research. Students will participate in courses and pursue independent scholarly investigations within the following fields of specialization:

  • Antiquity
  • Medieval Art
  • Islamic Art
  • Renaissance Art
  • Modern, Contemporary and Israeli Art
  • Global Arts


The program offers both a research track (with thesis) and a non-research track (without thesis).


All candidates must possess a BA degree in Art History with a final GPA of 80. Candidates possessing an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than Art History with a minimum average grade of 80 are required to undertake a supplementary program comprising of undergraduate courses in Art History while obtaining a GPA of 80 and above.



Buchmann-Mehta School of Music

This program is up to date 14.01.21.


The school's objective is to provide students with advanced artistic musical training as well as education and research foundations in classical musical disciplines and musicology in order to prepare graduates for successful absorption in the musical sphere both in Israel and abroad.


Studies are offered in the following departments:

  •  Performing (instrumental, vocal) (0842)
  •  Composition (0843)
  •  Orchestral or Choral Conducting (0843)
  •  Musicology (0845) (offered in Hebrew only)


Studies in these tracks are possible in one of the following programs:

  1. Graduate: M.Mus., Artist Diploma.
  2. Special Status -  Special Status students will not be required to participate in a full program of studies. On principal, “Special   Status” is granted for one year only. Extension of this requires the approval of the school for each additional year. “Special  Status” students are charged at least 100% tuition fee.


The International Program

The Buchmann-Mehta School of Music also offers an international program in English for non-Israeli students in one of the following tracks:

M.Mus., Artist Diploma and Special Status courses in the Performance track Composition or Conducting tracks.

These studies allow outstanding students from abroad to study in Israel in optimum conditions of full tuition scholarship and living expense stipends. Receiving full scholarships is pending a high entrance score and the approval of  the scholarship committee.


Students who are not eligible for full tuition and living expense stipends may receive a full tuition scholarship for participation in the school orchestra.


Foreign students are charged 125% tuition fee for their basic program of studies.


Students accepted to the international program are not required to take Hebrew language courses.


Detailed information about Registration and Acceptance requirements for the entrance examinations, updated entrance examination dates as well as required level of English is available through the website: music .

Or  at the School offices (room 6 in the school of music building) Tel: 03-6409505

Contact  the International Program (for non-Israeli students).



MA in Film Studies (0851)

This program is up to date 14.01.21.


The graduate program in film studies at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television trains students to become researchers in the theory and history of film, television, and new media. Many of our graduates have been accepted to leading PhD programs in the field in Israel and abroad and hold key roles in research, criticism, and education. As the oldest film school in Israel, and the only program in film studies within a research university in the country, we put a particular emphasis on Israeli, Palestinian, and Jewish moving images alongside research on moving images and screen practices from all periods and regions. The program regularly hosts visiting professors from top universities and institutions throughout the globe.


Mandatory courses in the program are in Hebrew; some elective seminars are in English. For additional information, please visit the Hebrew website.


 MFA in Film Production

  • Specialization in film direction, production, and development and realization of television and film projects.


Aims of the program:

The program integrates students who have completed an undergraduate degree in filmmaking, film studies, and other disciplines (upon completing a preparatory program) who study film directing, screenwriting, and production and hone their skills in editing and cinematography through workshops and personal mentoring. The focus of the program is to allow students to realize their short film and television projects. In special cases, a personal curriculum specializing in cinematography, editing, production, and digital filmmaking will be designed.

For additional details, please see the Hebrew website.


MFA in Documentary Studies (0851.0640)


Program Length: 4 terms.

Language of instruction: English

Admissions requirements: - Students must have a GPA above 3 or 80%.

For additional information please see the website.



Program for Outstanding Students in Stage, Cinema, and Television Design - 4 year program for BA and MFA

Goals of Program

The goal of the program is to train artists proficient in the basic tools of stage design and cinema and television design, and to lay the ground for further professional development in one of these two fields.


The student will develop a wide range of graphic and plastic skills and acquire full proficiency in relevant professional computer programs. The student will also learn to substantiate his/her artistic work in theory, so that it is based on research and on text analysis for the screen and stage. The student will benefit from hands on experience in a technological environment, working on a professional team, and leading technical teams.


All stages of the BA degree emphasize developing personal creativity. During the MFA internship, the student will cultivate his/her personal inclinations and style so that s/he may embark on an artistic career of research and innovation.


Study Track

Outstanding Student Track (four years): B.A. in the Multidisciplinary Program in the Arts, and M.F.A. in the Department of Theater Arts in the design track.


During Studies

Studies are both theoretical and practical for the duration of the program. At the end of the second year, students will stand before a professional committee that will steer them, based on their achievements, to the next stage of their studies toward an M.F.A. in design, or toward the completion of their B.A. studies in the Multidisciplinary Program in the Arts. To continue toward the M.F.A., students must achieve a minimum cumulative grade average of 85, and a minimum grade of 90 in a key course in their practical internship: "Design for the Camera" in the television and cinema internship, "Styles in Design for the Stage and Costumes" for the theater internship, or "Design for Television" for the television internship. 



Admission to the program is contingent on the general university criteria. In addition, students must pass an aptitude test and a personal interview.


The Interdisciplinary Program (0810)

This program is up to date 17.01.21.


This interdisciplinary program in the Arts is geared for those interested in the broader vista of connections and relations between the arts.


This program offers the student unique interdisciplinary courses, discussing in-depth a range of aesthetic, cultural and socio-political issues related to the arts, as well as diverse encounters with artists and researchers and a methodological guidance in interdisciplinary research. In addition, the program allows the student a wide choice from the various disciplinary courses offered by the Faculty, in accordance with his or her own personal interests. 


Admission to the program

  1. Undergraduate Diploma grade average of 80. The final decision on admission will be made by the program admissions committee.
  2. In some cases, applicants will be required to complete several courses and/or seminars as defined specifically in accordance with the applicant's academic Resume by the admissions committee. 


The Interdisciplinary Program website 


The Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts – Expressivity and Creativity in the Arts Track  (0810.0813)

This unique MA track in the Interdisciplinary Program examines the mutual and complex relations obtaining between the experience of the artists and their creative selves and between them and their artefacts, between the material and technical resources, and between the psychological and mental dimensions that lead to the creation of an artwork in all media, from painting, sculpture, architecture, video, movie, theatre, to the performing arts, music and dance. The track is aimed at students who wish to explore individual and collective creative artistic processes and practices.


Admission to the program

  1. Undergraduate Diploma grade average of 80. The final decision on admission will be made by the program admissions committee. 
  2. In some cases, applicants will be required to complete several courses and/or seminars as defined specifically in accordance with the applicant's academic Resume by the admissions committee. 


For further information please contact the department.



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